Information about our premises

The Cámara de Contratistas de Castilla y León is situated on a plot spanning 6,000 square meters (the building occupies 2,100 square metres and the rest is used as a work yard for training purposes at Calle Valle de Aran in Barrio España, Valladolid, and is bordered by the Esgueva and Pisuerga Rivers and the dual carriageway.
The premises of the Cámara de Contratistas are organised based on a programme of requirements:

  • Administration zone.
  • Training zone (classrooms).
  • Multiple use zone (events hall and meeting room).
  • Training premises.
  • Training yard.

Officially, the programme is divided into three different and interconnected sections:

  • The administration and classroom section.
  • The multiple use section (events hall and meeting room), changing rooms and toilets, conceptual emblem, like a ‘large construction shed’.
  • The training premises section.

All of the sections are linked via the concrete block wall that surrounds the complex. Inside, the absence of coatings and the tangibility of the structure and of all of the features make it possible to consider the building a ‘living’ lesson on construction in itself.
From an operational point of view, the passage of people inside, the modular design of the spaces, the clarity of the routes to different areas and the structured purpose of each area lend a sense of organisation to the building.
This operational difference between the various spaces is absorbed by the entrance area, which is set up as a crossroads and the physical and conceptual meeting point for the whole building.
In terms of construction, the building is based on a metallic structure with wide beams that supports pre-fabricated hollow core slabs, which compose the framework. The outer wall is made up of facing brickwork, depending on the location, and both the interior leaves and partition walls are made of uncoated facing brickwork. The only exception being the changing rooms and multiple use unit, which is enclosed with a ‘sandwich’ panel.
Throughout the building, the roofing is also made from metal panels and in the case of the warehouse it is made of basic sheets supported on metal trusses.

Lastly, the functions and the net usable area are distributed as follows:

Ground floor:

  • Reception                            86.36 m2
  • Classroom 1 Teachers            41.31 m2
  • Classroom 2 Library               41.31 m2
  • Classroom 3                         60.09 m2
  • Classroom 4                         60.09 m2
  • Changing rooms (*)             169.03 m2
  • Storage area                       39.01 m2
  • Warehouse                        446.23 m2

*includes relaxation area

First floor:

  •  Meeting room                      43.35 m2
  • Events hall                        121.82 m2
  • Administration                    167.01 m2
  •  Presidential hall                    68.53 m2