Presentation of the association

The Cámara de Contratistas de Castilla y León is a non-profit organisation that was founded in 1983, under Law 19/1977. It is a private entity that protects the legitimate interests of its members and recognises their right to be treated equally and not be discriminated against due to their address, area or size. In addition, the Cámara de Contratistas promotes and protects the free market economy; the management of the general interests of private and public construction work contracts and the representation of its companies before the various public administrations. At present it represents by more than 80 contractors whose activity, jointly and approximately, represents 70% of all official construction work in Castille and Leon.


  • Possession of the classification to enter into a contract for construction work with the State, except companies that are classified only under groups I and J (proof of this shall be provided by means of a photocopy of said classification).
  • Possession of the DCE.

  • The membership application is to be accompanied by the signature and stamp of two associated companies by way of presentation.