The details that the new company will have to enter are:

  • Company Tax ID No.: Only companies with company tax ID numbers will be able to be included so that the company tax ID number field will constitute an ID unique to each company. In addition, this field can never be changed.
  • Password: Access password that the company desires to use. This can be changed later on and for security reasons it must contain at least 4 digits.
  • E-mail: E-mail address to which applications for your job offers that most match the required professional profile will be sent. This e-mail address can also be changed by the company later on.


This information about the company can be seen by all candidates for the offers. The details to enter are:

  • Company name: If the company would like to submit ‘anonymous offers’, it should not enter the company name in any of the Public Information fields. In place of the company name you can include a ‘set phrase’ (multinational leading company in the sector, etc.).
  • Legal status
  • Type of industry: You will select the category most suitable to your company from a list shown on screen.
  • Address
  • Town
  • Country
  • Province
  • Postcode
  • Number of employees
  • Possibility of employing disabled people
  • Website (URL): If the company would like to enter ‘anonymous offers’, it should tick NO.
  • Description of the company
  • Type of company: You will state whether you are a recruitment company or a temporary employment agency.


This information is completely confidential. The details provided are for the exclusive use of the employees of the Cámara de Contratistas de Castilla y León to be used as emergency contact details if necessary.

  • Name: Contact person.
  • Surnames: Contact person.
  • Position
  • Contact telephone number
  • Fax
  • Contact hours
  • Notification of new CVs: You will select the frequency of the notifications (real time, daily or never).
  • Validation details: These highly confidential details shall be validated by phone by the Cámara de Contratistas de Castilla y León.
    • Corporate name
    • Company Tax ID No

Once you have registered as a company, you will be able to offer positions on the job board of the Cámara de Contratistas de Castilla y León. The offers you submit must include the following details:

  • General details: closing date for the offer, whether you want the offer to be anonymous, etc.
  • Location: town, province and country of the offer.
  • Description: vacancy, category, number of vacancies, and description of the offer.
  • Requirements: minimum experience, essential place of residence, minimum and desired requirements.
  • Salary: minimum and maximum salary offered for the job.
  • Contract: type of contract and shifts.

If the summary of the application received by e-mail is of interest to the company, clicking on the website address will reveal the application in full:

  • Contact details: Such as first name, surname 1, surname 2, telephone number 1, telephone number 2, work telephone number, URL, additional details/notes.
  • Location: Country, postcode, province, town and address.
  • Other details: Additional details such as date of birth, driving license, own vehicle, self-employed or freelance, nationality, work permit and place of issue of such.
  • Remuneration: The candidate’s minimum and desired remuneration.
  • Their CV.
  • Professional profile: Preferred position, and the professional profiles that most match their candidacy (up to a maximum of 5).
  • Education: The level(s) of qualifications they hold and whether they have completed any Master’s courses.
  • Languages: Languages they know, and their oral and written level in each language.
  • Computing and technical skills/knowledge.
  • NON-computing and technical skills/knowledge.
  • Employment: They will have responded to questions, for example, regarding number of years of experience and how they found their last job.
  • Current job (if applicable): Details of the company name, the position, date employment began, and their duties.
  • Future job: questions regarding, for example, if they want to change jobs, why, with what objectives, what type of job they would like to have, with what timetable, whether they are willing to move elsewhere and travel, and whether they have a preferred location.

After reviewing all of the candidates the company shall have the option to indicate the status of the candidacies:

  • Preselected: if it includes the CV amongst those preselected. The following step shall be carried out by accessing the personal details of the candidate.
  • Dismissed: if the CV has been dismissed for the vacancy